What I will do

Maintain smart fiscal management


I will ask the question: Does the expenditure enhance the learning experience?

Continue curriculum review for best practices – moving from math to sciences and social studies


I will emphasize the STEM fields in the course of curriculum review.

Adopt research-based innovative instructional delivery


The district should encourage the use of varied media in the classroom to enrich the learning experience.

Furthering curriculum development for the 21st century  

The curriculum development strategy of reviewing best global practices changed the way we teach math. I urge applying the same approach to the sciences and other subjects.

Expand the Music Program


A strings program would complement our excellent band and choir programs.

Attract and retain the best teachers


The District can attract and retain teachers by fostering innovation in learning and teaching.

Reduce class sizes, student to teacher ratio


The District needs to be vigilant in its management of class sizes, and the number of students in each school.

Roland with Northville robotics team world competition

Roland with the Northville robotics team, St. Louis,

World Competition

Roland will work to create and maintain a school district that:

Victorian Festival Victorian Festival
Roland's son in the Memorial Day parade My son in the Memorial Day parade

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