Northville Public Schools make up one of the top rated school districts in Michigan.  Our remarkable school district is essential to maintaining our community as a great place to live in and to raise a family.

To maintain high quality and achievement requires careful and thoughtful stewardship by the Northville School Board. School board members need to be smart about how we spend our budget by focusing resources to maximize the classroom experience.

I pledge myself to this end.

Roland Hwang is a parent, educator, and listener.

Giving parents, teachers, and residents their voice

Roland believes to best educate our children we need to give parents, teachers, and residents their voice. 

A good learning environment

We need to provide the appropriate environment for learning.

Innovation in teaching through use of a varied media and teaching tools can be applied to enhance learning.

What Roland Hwang offers

As a parent of two students, Roland understands what it takes for our children to reach their potential.

Roland offers his experience on the District Curriculum Committee, as a lawyer, college educator, and non-profit board member to address the District’s fiscal and curriculum issues.

Roland will listen to parents, teachers, students and community members as he works on the board to reach solutions to address the curriculum development for the 21st century.  The District Curriculum Committee adopted global best practices in the math curriculum, and he expects to review the science curriculum this year with the other academic subjects to follow.

Roland’s Commitment

Roland's commitment to you is to exercise fiscal discipline, foster innovation, and provide the tools needed to ensure each student receives the best opportunity for a successful, productive life.


Vote for Roland Hwang for School Board on November 4.


  Hwang family  

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